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Monday, April 19, 2010


I'm composting too! I started last spring and am a little defeated that it's taking so long to break down. I agree, patience is the key with those garden-y things. And, the pic's not too racy ... I think it's just fine. Especially if it's your favorite :)

Hm. I think the picture would be too racy for ME (like if it were my desk), but if I saw it on someone else's desk, I wouldn't be like, "You know, OPH, the one with that scandalous picture?" You know? So I guess my answer is that it's too racy if you are uncomfortable with people seeing it kind of all the time.

I am cheering on your little garden! Go, go, go, little plantlife!

Eh, if there isn't tongue I think you're ok. :)

Holy cow, this made me laugh... a lot! I've gotten really into the idea of gardening, but then there was a poison ivy outbreak, and all outdoor activities ceased at that point. So... things are dying. And I'm afraid of the outdoors. And all is right with the world again.

I think your wedding photo is perfectly fine for the office, and I admire your restraint when it comes to discussing the Vampire Diaries. I'm really tempted to strike up conversations with strangers in the grocery store about who I'd rather date, Stefan or Damon. I mean, Stefan is obviously the sensible choice and certainly smoking hot. But I always do have a weakness for the tortured bad boy with a heart of gold--or at least silver plate.

You should take some photos of your garden for us! I want to see your little seedlings flourish! (I envy people with green thumbs. I am an avid houseplant killer.)

I love that wedding photo - beautiful. And I don't think it's particularly racy. But I don't work in an office, so I have absolutely zero concept of what's appropriate. Like, is it okay to type BOOBS on a calculator at your main client's office and giggle about it like a 13-year-old boy? If that's considered "inappropriate" or "immature" or "potential sexual harassment," then I think you should rely on someone else's thoughts.

I think your photo is fine. My office is really conservative, and I think it would be fine there.

I love your thoughts on Ultimate Fighter. I haven't watched the show this season, but I did watch the season with a guy whose nickname was War Machine.

I think the photo is lovely and desk-appropriate. Congrats at surviving the first week of the new job!

I definitely think that photo is work appropriate, and I'm glad you survived your first week. Plus: JEANS ON FRIDAY!

Moving on, I am thinking of planting some veggies this summer since my yard is enormous. What should I plant?

im glad you're busy with your new job and everything, but um. . .i am in the middle of a marathon work/procrastination cycle, and it would be nice if there was a new post for me to distract myself with.

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