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Monday, May 03, 2010


Oh man I can totally empathize! Bathroom stuff is SO awkward!

I have a client that has one bathroom - with one toilet - for the whole company. And the door lock is FINICKY. So when I visit, I am always super anxious that I will a) walk in on someone or b) get walked in on. YIKES.

So glad though that the bathroom thing is the worst part about your job!

now for some super TMI: pretty much every day around 10am, after my second cup of coffee, I have to drop the kids off at the pool :/ (If you didn't know, that is a euphemism for taking a dump). This is often a problem when there is only one (unisex) teachers' bathroom at the school where I am working. sorry to sully your otherwise-lovely blog with such dirty-talk, but i thought it might be in the spirit of sharing angsty bathroom situations.

I hear ya! I work at a big University and the nearest bathroom is waaaay down the hallway (about a 3 minute walk from my office). So I hold it for as long as I possibly can because I'm too lazy to walk all the way there.

There's also a shared bathroom by my boss' office in another bldg and there's a weird "if the lights are on someone's in here" system because there's no lock. I dread going there because I know someone's going to catch me with my pants down (literally!) one of these days.

Who knew work bathrooms could be so complicated?!

I use the same bathroom as the ELEMENTARY school students at my school. Yuck. Also, learn to flush, kids.

OMG I hate shared bathrooms too and you can always bet that the instant I shut the stall door, someone comes in and starts doing their hair, so it's still silent and all I'm thinking is "LEAVE, I GOTTA PEE!" haha. We need soundproof toilet cubicals, I think!

It is amazing how much a bad bathroom situation can impact your work day. There are shared bathrooms for all the offices on my floor. One of the offices belongs to an internist. While they have their own bathrooms, they only allow the doctors to use them. They send all the patients to the shared bathroom. Not only are the patients usually slobs, they are germ filled. As a result, my entire office, as well as the law firm next door, walks down a flight of stairs to use another bathroom. We all feel the extra distance beats catching the bubonic plague.

Does this mean you don't do anything OTHER than pee at work? That's when I get my stage fright! And inevitably, someone is either in the stall next to me so I have to wait, or their doing their makeup at the sink (more waiting).

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