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Monday, May 24, 2010


You are giving me much hope that soon my garden will look less like weeds and more like food.

Nice work on the lettuce!

You go girl, with your awesome garden! I'm impressed!

I'm in awe ... fabulous job!

Who knew you had a green thumb? I'm jealous of your lettuce. Maybe if I grew my own, I wouldn't get so mad at myself for spending so much $$ on it only to have the stuff go bad in the fridge. Of course, my yard is home to about 6 families of rabbits. I'm not too keen on providing a buffet line.

I really, really wish I lived closer so I could partake in a celebratory salad.

Hahaha! What an awesome garden! I'm quite impressed.

I want a garden so badly! I'm totally impressed.

I love how you are turning your thumb green by SHEER FORCE OF WILL and with a little help from the hippies. :)

I am so totally impressed! And your broccoli IS the best broccoli on the block! Who knew broccoli looked like that at some point in its little cruciferous life?

And your lettuce looks LOVELY!

Congrats on the award - looks like you earned it.

Congratulations on your award, you! Your garden is looking incredible and I really, really want to inhale that lettuce. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU GREW THAT. Awesome. Very awesome. :)

So amazing! You actually grew things. . .that you can eat. Amazing! Wish I could hang out with you and weed (aka, sit by you and chat).

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