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Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Download shows to your iPod/iPhone??

Let me apologize one more time for passing this on to you :) ... and exercise definitely helps but an equal component to lowering your cholesterol is diet (not losing weight diet, althought that too is helpful ... but healthy food choice-diet) we can talk about it this weekend.

Jen, so fun ! Good for you! If you need a virtual workout buddy or anything, I'm your woman. Have you heard of dailymile.com ? It's a fun workout tracker.

I do cardio exercising at home myself to lose some weight, which I'm also blogging about. Your blog is interesting.

Good for you! I've been so miserable lately that even running seems like a help. You can't cry when you feel like you can't even breathe!

Keep up the good work!! I've also been working on becoming healthier, and the bottom line is a life without bread and chocolate sucks. But I do feel better about myself!

Good for you Jen! I rarely watch stuff on the gym.. I just tune out with the iPod and that's it. Boring, I know, but it works for me... :D

Oh man - no cable? I hate gyms with no individual cable. The last gym I belonged to had those public TV banks and they were always tuned to ridiculous things.

But hey! Good for you! Two pounds already!! You are awesome!

Is the "wendy" to which you refer "wendy williams." If so, you should give her a shot. She is super entertaining, and says really crazy stuff (she's a staple on "the soup.")

So weird that no one at the gym will admit that they got rid of cable!

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