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Friday, August 06, 2010


Ohmygoodness! Gah, this is terrifying! (When I read your title I thought you were live-blogging while you were being robbed...and I was concerned for your safety and mental stability.)


Joel is a badass!

Those thugs must really want your scooter, because nothing says "I'm an intimidating thug" like riding around on a stolen scooter. Idiots. I hope they get caught and have to tell all their friends "yeah, I got busted trying to steal some bikes and a scooter." Watch out boys, we have a dangerous one here.

Good Lord... like... everything in this post is just so sucky!! I'd be an absolute paranoid wreck. I can't even fall asleep when my dogs start barking at nothing in the backyard.

Bunch of hooligans! *shakes fist*

I can't believe they came back, they must be like, 12 and not know any better. WHICH ALSO MAKES ME INCREDIBLY MAD. Sheesh.

I'm glad you guys didn't lose anything, though.

Where's the next big move then? Sydney? ;)

I hate those hooligans! I'm so sorry! Come move here!

Aly - we have no idea if it was the same group of kids or not. Both times it was a gang of 12-15 year olds, but there is no shortage of roaming groups of pre-adolescents around here.

Oh my that is scary, especially in the US I'd be super-freaked out by someone trying to break in (here it is very unlikely that someone would have a weapon). Glad everything went well and they didn't manage to break in, and thanks for explaining the alley thing to me when I was being just as obtuse as the 911 operator.

I do hope you get to move out of the city soon. That sounds waaaaaaay more than frightening. That's more like terrifying. Good luck to you.

~ Yaya

Oh mylanta that is horrifying! So glad that you and Joel - and the scooter! - are all okay. Sheesh. What is WRONG with people? (And by "people" I mean the miscreants and the 911 operator.)

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