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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It always amazes me how people can be so casual about dog poop.. yet cat owners would NEVER just 'accidentally' leave a great steaming pile of used litter in anyone else's garbage?

Seriously gross.

And also, I love the word 'trash can'. That is all.

Just yesterday I had an angry conversation in my head with this old wench who let her stupid yappy dog take a giant steaming dump right off the trail I walk my kids to school on. I did not say it out loud, because that requires confrontation. But I thought it in all caps, because dude, that is effing gross and what if my 1 yr old walks in your dog's shit???? RUDE.

On a funnier and slightly unrelated note, I was out for a walk with my MIL, and we were stopped by a woman in a cadillac who asked us to call the mayor's office, because there were too many people on our walking route allowing their dogs to poop and then throwing the dog poop in the sewer.
Ok---the dog owners are picking up the poop? AND THEN throwing the non-baggied poop into the sewer?? I am not following the logistics here.

My MIL, sensing a kindred soul, agreed to call the mayor's office, because as she said, "I like to complain." I had to step away because I could not keep a straight face.

Honestly, this is the one thing that makes me unsure about getting a dog. Do I really want to deal with the poop? Cats are so much neater in that regard.

A neighbor lady thanked me when she saw me picking up poop, like she was suprised. I told her that my dog lays three big poops a day, and if I don't pick them up, then I'll be the one stepping in it the next day. and the next day.

Sometimes it's weird waving to neighbors with a hand that's holding a translucent poop-filled bag.

Ugh, there needs to be a hotline to report people like this.

Gross. This is why we don't have a dog - because I can't deal with the poop. No dogs for us until we live in a house with a yard.

I also just don't get people who just do stuff like that. I mean, I am a big Rule Follower... But is it really that easy to flout the rules?

It is, apparently, for the guy who lives across the street from me. I have a perfect view of him watching his dog crap on the grass and then walking back into his building without doing anything. And this is right in front of the helpful dog doo center (complete with bags and trash can) that's RIGHT THERE. Makes me furious.

For some reason, I have no problem picking up hot, fresh poop, but I am really grossed out by picking up old, cold poop. So for me, walking the dog and picking up the hot poop is way better than letting the dog in the yard and later picking up cold poop.

My husbad grew up with a male dog, so when we first got our female dog, he always thought she was pooping when she was really just peeing (same crouch). So...just wanted to mention that you might not be able to tell from a distance if a dog is pooping or just peeing. Until you see the poo!

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