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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We are so not watching the same TV, which, how is that possible? I haven't seen any of those shows! At least we still have PR.

I love fall tv season - it's like a new school year!

Totally loving Vampire Diaries this season - so good with Caroline being a vampire now and all. Loving that development.

Also, I'm ok with Jin in Hawaii 5-0 and it took me a little while to even figure out that Boomer was whats her name. I think why I'm ok with is is that I look at that show as just a brainless action show so I don't really care who's staring in it because I'm not too invested in any of them.

Finally, I'm into The Event but I hope there is something more to this thing than just "aliens" because if there isn't, I feel like they revealed that way too soon.

I have Hawaii 5-0 on the DVR but haven't watched yet.

I'm more into the sitcoms - How I Met Your Mother, Two and Half Men (which is actually good again, after being horrible last season), Big Bang Theory, Modern Family (which I've only seen once but it was HILARIOUS!), Rules of Engagement, and a few others. Oh, and I like Tosh.0 on comedy central. That's the only show on Wednesdays that I like. And if I had Showtime, I'd totally be on board with Dexter. Instead, I have to wait for the season DVDs.

When Superman started 10 years ago, the creator gave an interview saying that Clark would never wear tights or fly on the show. (I know this only because my husband was obsessed with the show when it first started.) So...maybe he won't fly.

This here: When you've been immortalized as Cylon Number Eight, you should just retire from acting. Word. Word. I don't know her real name, but Boomer should just walk away, retire her SAG card, and live the life on the convention circuit. I want nothing to do wit her on my screen in any other form.

Ooh! I want to see this 'Event' show. I msut have missed it!

Modern Family on Wednesday night! It's on an hour before Ultimate Fighter, so don't worry, you can watch both.

The Good Wife is really good, though I didn't watch the season premiere this week.

Yes, fall TV is AWESOME. So many old favorites returning to delight you with new episodes... So many new shows to tempt you with their delights.

I too was deeply disappointed in Luke Danes on that plane. No way would he choose the life of one over the lives of many. Well, unless it was Lorelai Gilmore, in which case I'd agree.

(Speaking of which, do you watch Parenthood? Because it is AWESOME even though it's got Lorelai Gilmore acting all un-Lorelai-ish.)

I have actually seen a few episodes of the original Hawaii 5-0 (though obviously not when it first aired - I was born in 83), but I don't remember it well enough to care either. And the girl was on BSG! THAT's why I thought she looked familiar. Ummm, duh!
I watch way too much TV. I recently started watching The Good Wife and White Collar on top of all the other shows I watch. I think my favorite would have to be Vampire Diaries and Dexter. But I watch a bunch more.

I have been finding myself going back to old reliables, not new shows. However Big Bang Theory seems funnier to me than ever (or I think I just took awhile to warm up to it).

This is really weird. How are you not watching 1) modern family 2) 30 rock 3) always sunny (although admittedly, not as good this season) 4) the league 5) mad men

For some reason I am also entertained by Outlaw on friday nights. It is a bad show, but I like Jimmy Smits.

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