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Friday, September 03, 2010


But... where was the vacuum when he found it?

I also have no idea what I am supposed to do when repairmen are around. I don't want them to think I don't trust them enough to leave them unsupervised, but I also want to be available for any questions. And small talk with strangers is the worst.

LUCKILY, the vacuum was right next to the bathroom.  UNLUCKILY, it resides in the "poop room", with the cats' litterbox and every other bit of junk that we can't fit in other places. And on this particular day our living room floor, which he had to walk right past, was completely covered with (sorted) dirty laundry.

Well, I guess that was ALSO upstairs and to the left. At least you didn't actually walk him to the bathroom! That would have been way awkward.

Bwahahaha!! I love this!

Also, I would like a man to come over and vacuum for me. ;o)


Bathroom.. vaccuum.. well, they do the same job. Er. Well, you know.

I HATE the awkwardness. I usually bring my laptop into the living area and pretend to look busy (aka read blogs) just so I can be around if they need anything but it also doesn't LOOK like I'm lurking.

And at least he has a kitty stalker. Oscar hides under the bed. Fat load of good HE does to potential robbers!

Ok, can I just say how happy it makes me to hear someone else admit that they don't like to go to the same stylist? I hate, hate, hate having to make mindless chatter while I get my hair cut. It's so awkward!

Also, the whole repair man situation is weird for me too. I never know what to do! I have the AC guy coming again next week, and he said he'll be here for 2 hours. I'm on bed rest, so I'll likely be in my bed while he's here. That just feels so wrong to me!

OK, I had to re-read this several times to figure out why he asked for the bathroom and then came back with the vacuum. DUH. I am slow.

Ha! I was wondering about the awkward phrasing of his question. I mean, who doesn't have a bathroom??

I hate having workmen come around too - I always feel so awkward - where do I sit? Do I chat? Do I watch him work? Do I pretend I'm busy doing laundry so he doesn't think I'm lazy for watching my favourite TV show in the middle of the afternoon?

Ahh, so many questions.

Haha!! Agreed... nice to know we all aren't alone in our awkwardness. At least the vacuum was in the same general area as the bathroom!

I totally agree 100% with this entire post. I HAAAAATE having people come in the house. HAAAAATE. So awkward.

What's worse is when they come unannounced. (One of the great joys of living in an apartment complex.) And I am always in my pajamas and immensely flummoxed by the whole thing. And I usually yell at the door to "hold on a minute" while I search for a sweater (since pajamas = no bra) and then they always come in ANYWAY and I scream at them and then I'm a huge bitch as well as awkward. It's just awful.

And no one ever removes their shoes! Or cleans up after themselves! It is horrible!

Also - you don't ever see a hair stylist twice? That just blows me over. I mean, I get the awkward small talk... But how do you brace yourself for a potential Hair Disaster every time?

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