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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Oh, I so agree on the misuse of the word "leery." Especially when spelled "leary." Or much "adieu" about nothing.

But the worst? I am unlikely to meet Jay-Z, so my chances of correcting him are slim and none, but "big pimpin' on B-L-A-D." If you are talking about your "blades," there is an E at the end. No E makes the "a" a short a, making the word Blad, rhyming with Vlad the Impaler.

And on a completely unrelated note, I see that Smallville seems to have broken the "no tights, no flights" rule.

Matt & Kim! They just came up for us on Pandora, and I thought, "Someone I know just went to see them." You are that someone! Thanks, RSS feed of your Twitter feed, because, yeah, I am not on Twitter. So glad you had a fun time!

On the Facebook note: I am not on there either! (It's like I hate the internet, but you know I don't.) Joel and I unite! And I think that maybe your friends could mean "wary" when they say "weary." Not that it makes that okay, because it does not.

I went to a Great Big Sea concert this past weekend (awesome Celtic-ish inspired music by some gents from Newfoundland) and all the jumping up and down on the concrete has caused me to be limpy McGee for the last five days. Killed my heel and ankle. So, yeah. I'm old, too.

I saw 2 teenage girls this weekend wearing Matt & Kim t-shirts, and they looked kind of homemade, so I thought maybe Matt & Kim were people they went to high school with. So you are hipper than me.

"If we have ever met in person, I was probably late. But trust me, I felt REALLY bad about it."

Haha, I am totally the same way. Maybe we should meet up, we'd probably both be late and end up getting there at the same time!

The "weary" thing? SO ANNOYING. People also mistake it for "wary," which bugs me as well.

I am also chronically late and therefore chronically yelling at myself for what a horrible person I am.

And I love that the whole night cost only $16. Very cool!

so impressed! very hipster and fun of you to go to such an activity.

and i find it even more embarrassing when people comment on my wall with ridiculous misspellings. I just recently deleted a status update because someone (who I am not that close with) commented on the post using "waring" instead of "wearing." Also, used the word "fluzzy," by which i think she meant "floozy." And she wrote in all caps, Kanye-style. I don't want to be associated with any of that.

I do love that commercial.

I know way too many people that use "then" instead of "than" and it drives me effin' nuts. As in, "It's more then that!" or "I like ice cream better then chocolate." OMFG STOP THE MADNESS! Ahem. Carry on.

So I'm a totally random follower, but I just wanted to say that I checked out Matt and Kim because of you, and Daylight has pretty much been on my constant play since then. I haven't checked out any of their other songs yet, but plan to soon. So thanks for the recommendation!

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