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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


At my old job, I used to walk to work every day. It was only 3/4 of a mile or so, so not bad at all, but people seemed impressed that I did it when it rained, snowed, etc. Why pay $100/month for parking at work when it takes 15 minutes, tops, to walk there. (Although my boss used to bike something like 20 miles to get to work, which did seem a little crazy when it was snowing. Plus he has a recumbent bike, which looks a little silly.) (Uh, but not if you ride a recumbent bike. Then they are awesome.)

Now I have to drive to work (11 miles away) and I HATE it, especially when it rains or snows and traffic is awful.

that people are so astonished at biking does make my Amsterdam mindset giggle a little (ok, a lot). :)

As for the parking, that SUCKS. Can you look into buying a parking spot? Is that insane?

Having a driveway to park in is probably the one thing about living in the suburbs that I enjoy. Well, and the rent prices.

I feel the rage for you, parking wise. How infuriating. When I lived in StL, I had to park on the street and it was maddening. Especially when some jackass decides to park 4 feet behind the person in front of him, leaving you a choice between squeezing your car into those 4 feet or the 4 feet behind him that constitutes a "space."


Wow. Yoga AND biking to work? You must be in such great shape. ;-)

Meh, we can't ALL be rockstars, you know. You biking people have to fill up some strata of society, and rockstar may well just be it. Crazy is already taken. ;)


I'm short time lurker. Oh Boy- Do I feel your pain with the parking issue as I live in Canton, hon! What really gets me is the amount we pay in city taxes is seriously nuts, and we can't even get guaranteed parking! Obnoxious! Don't even get me started on the pot holes in this city! Biking is the only logical choice. I get it.

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