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Sunday, December 26, 2010


Well, shiiiiiiiiit. I'm sorry. You'll look back on this and laugh in a few decades.

funny, in that is exactly what happened to my port roast too ... I forgot to add in one "baste and roast another 30 minutes" ... there were 4 of them! We ate late.

pleased to meet your blog...
COME VISIT ME...OK...thank you very much


Oh. My.

That is totally something I would do and I 100% sympathize with you. Here's hoping you were able to ply people with enough wine that they didn't even notice the extra hour.

And that is why you can never trust the internet.

HAHAHAH!!!! Love it!! If it makes you feel better, we had Christmas dinner at 9:15pm because I forgot to put the rub on the pork loin 24 hours before cooking. Oh well. I'm sure it tasted amazing anyway ;)

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