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Sunday, December 05, 2010


Can you use the money you made from selling the tickets to go out for a nice dinner (when you are both done barfing)? Then you'll still get a little celebration.

I'm sure he appreciated the thought - there's really not much else you could have done!

Awww! That is so sad! But what a great gift (says the girl who got her husband football tickets for his 30th)! I am sure he loved it and there will be other football games.

Hope you guys both feel better soon!

Ugggh, that stinks. Poor Matt Damon. I saw the game on last night and thought of you guys.

Oh man, that really sucks. I am terrible at keeping surprises and I would be so bummed to have one ruined by a lame stomach virus. Poor Mr. OPH, I hope he's feeling better!


A nice ending after all...screw the game. You guys love each other! and are married to each other! very sweet.

I think you might just have to re-surprise him for 31. He won't expect Ravens tix next year, will he? (Um, unless he reads blog comments)

hahahaha just read RA's comment. Am loling.

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