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Sunday, March 06, 2011


Oh. This gave me little teary eye pricks of happiness for you! I love how you put it in relatable pet owner terms. That's so hilarious, and also touching. I'm oh, so thrilled for you. I'm so glad you didn't have to undergo any treatments. And I cannot wait to "meet" Baby Herring in just a few months! Here's hoping I'm following right along in your baby footsteps :)

Seriously, you articulated every thought I had before having a baby. And now I just DIE with love over Ella. I just cannot IMAGINE my life without her.

Crack me up, pregnancy hormones! It's a lot of work, these kids, but oh so worth it. There aren't adequate words in our language to describe the love I feel for my boys.

My package to you should arrive tomorrow or Tuesday -- and I JAMMED the box full o' clothes, so give them a quick wash to perk 'em up. They were some of my faves! Wear them with pride through the Wendy's drive-thru! Oh and let's not discuss the cancer-laden chicken patties...I think that's an urban legend.

Dude! You are like, an adult, now! Does this mean that we can't start sentences with "dude" all the time?

I think that that is a terrific analogy; one that more people can relate to than the usual ones.
Also, September 13th is a GREAT birthday. The weather is still nice, but it's during school so you can still have a party with your school friends (my poor friends with summer birthdays always missed out), and you are one of the first kids to get to celebrate your birthday at school. And for me it meant I was one of the first to get to drive, vote, etc...all those things that come with age. Did I mention that's my birthday? ;-)

Can't get enough of hearing about lil blob herring, and wendy's.

I second RA, you're all adult and stuff! You're lovely!

Goodness, honey, I'm so happy for you!


I'm so glad things worked out for you and that it wasn't a big, ugly struggle! Also? September babies are my favorite.

I am SO HAPPY for you. And so... relieved to hear what are essentially my worries come out of your mouth (keyboard?).

I'm so happy for you guys, and so glad it happened relatively easily for you. Most of my family has September birthdays -- it's a good month to be born!

Congratulations, Jen! I am so happy for you guys. The Blob is so, so cute, already. :)

And yes, I agree that "morning sickness" is quite possibly the most inappropriately coined phrase on the planet. Luckily, once you're out of the woods, it quickly becomes a distant memory, and it will be hard to believe you ever felt that so craptacular.

Oy, I am so happy for you guys - yes, days later your post still makes me happy. I'm that weird girl who is living vicariously through other people's pregnancies.

The PCOS diagnosis I have scares the bejeesus out of me. I hope I'm so lucky one day!!!

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