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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I'm sure I'll be one of those people that just needs to find out as soon as possible, but I know a lot of people that wait. As far as guessing, I'm gonna say a boy. If only because I feel like I know more people having boys right now. Either way, I don't care as long as you still keep posting cute pregnant pics! I love those.

You look really great!

I would think doing yoga would actually be good for you during pregnancy, so maybe the training is a good thing. Yeah, you might miss the last class, but eh.

I loved finding out early, but my SIL waited for all 3 of her pregnancies and said finding out at the births was amazing.

Oooh! Not knowing!?! That's awesome! I'm excited to hear more about him/her! You look fantastic!


You look fantastic, by the way. :-)

And wow - going through the whole training pregnant! That's pretty cool. Just enhances my belief that you are a rockstar.

Wow, I had no idea that the training was like, almost exactly the length of your pregnancy. You go! I am ... a little scared for you, but I'm glad you have such skilled fellow students.

I hope you have a girl so that I can make her a pink herring onesie. I'm too scared to make one now, for fear of saddling a boy with that, gender inequalities notwithstanding, blah blah blah.

I have a baby gender theory that I swear some actual scientist needs to test. It only works on the first child but somehow it worked for quite a few of my family and friends that we have used it on. I need to know what Joel's father had as his first born and if he has any uncles what there first born was. I don't think Joel has any neices or nephews on his side so unless he has a brother that has kids it doesn't influence my theory. This theory was right for my parents, my sister, a few friends and Brooks and I. I also went with a boy as a guess for us since we could only come up with girl names. My sister ended up using her boy name on her second since she didn't use on her first surprise gender daughter. That was even three years later!

And you are a darn cute pregnant lady! Have you had inappropriate touches yet?

My third child was a bit of a surprise, and we decided to let the gender be a surprise too (we had found out the sex for our first two)...best surprise I ever got. :-)

You look adorable!

Looking great!

I like to imagine that baby will come out and right away be awesome at pigeon and downward dog. Tree is probably too hard for a baby, though.

Doesn't the baby get to start with child pose, Beth?

You look great and you are kick a&& for doing this teacher training during pregnancy!

I felt stressed just reading about your weekend plans the other day, but that's just because I'm an anxiety prone lady too! Also, you look freaking adorable!! I'm so excited for you.

You look fantastic! Hope you make it through the end of training. People keep asking me how long I'll keep dancing, and I just tell them "as long as I can." I really have no intention of stopping if I don't have to.

We're finding out the sex of our baby next week (one week from today, actually!) and I really have no idea what it's going to be. At the beginning, I had very strong girl feelings, but lately I've been leaning more toward boy...which is to say that I really don't know. Like you, though, we have a girl name that we love, and we haven't settled on a boy's name yet, so it's probably a boy.

I like this..Oooh! Not knowing!?! That's awesome! I'm excited to hear more about him/her! You look fantastic! God Luck...

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