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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Love it! You are adorable!

Also, after reading the uterus thing I think I blacked out for a while.

When I was a med-student, one girl getting a C-section had a didelphic uterus, meaning basically two uteruses. The baby occupied one of them. Anyway, the get the kid out and they want a mirror so they can show her the uteri because it's so cool looking, but the anesthesiologist had to put her under general because her spinal wasn't enough. I don't think she would have gotten the same kick out of it that we did.

C-sections are far less gross than vaginal deliveries in my opinion. I would have considered a career in OB-Gyn if there was no such thing as vaginal deliveries.

Blogs should have a "like button." :-)

You are so stinkin' cute on your scooter!

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