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Tuesday, August 09, 2011


This is. . . just crazy. I hate it when things like this happen and I can't figure out WHY?!

That is insane. We switched to comcast DVR a few years ago because I hated how the Tivo had to change the channel on the cable box. (Do you still have to set it up that way?) Then this year we switched to Fios because, "as first world problems go", I could not handle sharing the one TV with a DVR with our 5-year-old during after-bath TV time and I wanted multi-room DVR. And now...ditching all of it and paying for some Hulu and iTunes sounds heavenly. Except, of course, when my parents visit and there must be a ratio of one TV per 1.5 people.

quitting cable might not be so bad, provided you have SOMETHING to watch. Be it netflix movies, or tv series you never watched/want to rewatch. Because newborns nurse ALL THE TIME and its a lot of couch time. I watched the entire Beverly Hills 90210 series on Soapnet last fall with my newborn.

I used to be addicted to my DVR, I had dozens of shows set to record. And then something happened and it all got deleted and I was so bugged I quit watching TV altogether. And I didn't miss it. I still don't understand this phenomenon.

Have you thought about Netflix? I don't subscribe, but I've only heard good things about it!


OK, I should have mentioned: we are not quitting TV altogether. We may be crazy, but we're not THAT crazy. The current plan is to stick with Netflix Instant (which we have and love) and add Hulu Plus.

When I was on maternity leave, we didn't have cable either. I survived via streaming Netflix, online streaming, and a good reason to leave the house between the Today show and Oprah.

You can never let that child forget this. After you bring up the 9 months of pregnancy you endured and however long your labor is, then comes the television sacrifice. I feel these will all come in very handy in about 13-14 years ;)

DO IT! We canceled cable 4 months ago after getting fed up with paying so much to watch so little non-network TV, and with our crummy cable company's customer service. We use a tuner/recorder card in a computer to record network shows via the antennae, and pony up for episodes on iTunes for the 2-3 cable shows we can't wait for the dvds to watch. That plus Netflix streaming, and SO FAR we are golden. I am a wee bit concerned about sports, but we'll deal with that next month.

It is too bad about cable, but I am really excited for you and all the amazing series you have in front of you! I really really think you should start w the wire, I cannot believe you haven't seen yet. And Drug rings and narcs will make for perfect breast-feeding viewing!

We haven't had cable for several years, and I don't miss it. We have Netflix Instant (which we also love) and are considering upgrading to Hulu Plus as well. I will say that I have never watched more television than during the first two months of our baby's life. Holy goodness, I went through SO MUCH television (as in, I watched 5 seasons of Bones in 3 weeks...and I only wish I were joking). Netflix Instant saved me. For real.

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