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Friday, August 19, 2011


Oh my gosh you are too Cute! Hooray for nice people and everything working out!

Oh... HUG. What an ordeal! So glad it all turned out okay!

Oh my. Well. I have no words.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. :)

Oh, man, I would have cried. Thank goodness for kind people who take pity on pregnant women! (Not everyone does that, by the way. After my last dance performance a couple of weeks ago, I begged the woman working the theater concession counter for a big cup of water -- WATER! The stuff that comes out of the sink! For free! -- explaining that I just got done dancing, am 7-months pregnant, and am positively DYING of thirst having already chugged the water I brought with me, and she just glared at me and told me I was not allowed to have the water bottle I brought from home in the theater, and I could buy a bottle of water if I wanted. Under no circumstances would she fill my re-usable bottle with water from the sink. Really? REALLY?! Bitch.)

so nice that even the unfriendly workers at the old office were willing to help you out. Faith in humanity restored, for now

I kind of want to cry just reading that. I'm so glad everything worked out. And, pregnancy brain is just NOT FAIR.

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