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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


wahhhh I'm crying. I love you and this post and HANNAH and I'm so happy for you and Joel. She's beautiful, and you are too for allowing us into your adventure! Thank you for sharing your story (I think I never did because it was too exhausting to recount). But you'll treasure this post!! Kisses to that adorable baby head of Hannah's!

Happy Healing Down There!

She's so gorgeous. Congratulations!

Holy crap, you are a rock star. I love that picture of Hannah in her little bassinet. ADORBS.

Welcome Hannah!! You sure are one to play by your own rules! :)

She's gorgeous, and the pic of her sticking out her little tongue made me giggle.

Lots of love!

awesome story :-) Congratulations!

Jen, so awesome that you posted this story. Sounds like you did awesome!!!

By the way - what happens now with your yoga certificate??

I love this, Jen! You're pretty much my own personal superhero right now and everything that happens to me I think, "I wonder if it was like this for Jen?" I'm a freak, but a freak that thinks you're great. Still super happy about baby Hannah...she's so cute!!!

Oh, she's so beautiful! Congratulations! And nice job! (I love that name, too.)

Good heavens, you are wonderwoman.

And yay! A baby!

And what a beautiful baby she is! Great birth story!

I am tired by my own work-focused single gal life... I think I'll definitely never be ready for labor!

Your family is gorgeous - hope I'll get to meet Hannah sometime soon.

She is just so, so beautiful. God, I am so freaking happy for you! Y'all make such an adorable family, and I can't wait to get to "know" her. Congratulations, Jen!!!

I don't know. I think Hannah Epidural Herring would have been a pretty good name.

Congrats! You did an amazing job, and Hannah is so beautiful.

What a great story. Congratulations to all of you on a very cute little girl. Here begins the frustrations and fun and craziness and amusements and everything else. It's Totally Worth It.

OH my gosh! That's some serious laboring! It looks like she was totally worth it though. So beautiful!

Besides the beautiful baby girl at the end of the story, the best part is when you told your mom to not look at your butt. Oh yes, once it all starts to happen you could care less who sees you naked. I remember thinking that I wouldn't care if Brad Pitt himself was in the room.

Congrats to you and Joel. Hannah's beautiful.

(I'll never tire of reading birth stories. So beautiful!)

What a great birth story. I love the "epidural juice" and the fact that your mom announced it was a boy. :)

You did a great job. I have no doubt all that yoga paid off!

aaaaaaawe, congratulations!! she's beautiful :-) aboslutely wonderful story thank you for sharing her birth us with!!

She is such a lovely little girl! What a great birth story. You ROCK.

Oh, thanks for sharing Hannah's birth story. Congrats. Hannah is beautiful, and you looked pretty damn good too for someone in labor / having a baby. :) Glad everything went well.

Congratulations! She's adorable!

Yes, indeed, what a great story. And a beautiful daughter to boot. Thank you for sharing.

Also: You have inspired me to finally get cracking on Liam's story! So thanks.

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