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Wednesday, September 07, 2011


You are so adorable. LOVE the dress, by the way!

And WOW! I am so excited about this almost-here baby!

But I think it's totally normal to not be as over-the-moon excited as you think you should be about something this big. You're in the middle of it. At this point, it's a regular part of your life. You'll be super excited when the baby is here, I know it!

YES, you look adorable! And please stop taking the bus to work. I'll pay for you to take a slow cab... because the pothole story makes my kegel-area cry.

Isn't that whole "the milk expires after the baby should arrive" and "next time we see a movie, we'll need a SITTER" totally unreal?

Thinking of you!!!!

Ahhhhhhhh, you look so amazing! I am so incredibly excited for this baby to arrive. Lots of luck and love to you! Try and update us if you can. That sounded way less weird in my head. LIKE YOU WON'T HAVE OTHER THINGS TO DO THAN TELL THE INTERNET.

I am right with you but I have an official date baby is coming which at first made me so damn nervous bc holy shit it was five days earlier than my due date and like two weeks before I really expected the have the baby. But now it has turned into well x has to be done on Tuesday bc baby will be here by x date. This is important stuff too - like making sure that we wash the sheets on the bed the day before so we come home to clean sheets. Scrubbing the guest bath toilet and dog baths are also mucho importante. But I know what date I have to have them done by which is nice. Kinda.

Man I hear you about the potholes. Speedbumps are the same way. Ooof.

Ahh, so close! I commend you for going to that wedding (and looking awesome, hello)! You are a rock star.

So, to help make things more real, my sister was due the same day you are. I say WAS because as of 6am this morning, I have a new niece :-) You look great in that wedding pic! Here's hoping for an easy wait until the baby gets here, and an even easier labor :-)

You are just adorable in that dress!! So how many more blog posts until we can see a baby pic?? :)

Ok, but the real question that everyone has been asking is: did you get the socks yet?

The car thing sucks!!! (As if you didn't know that.)

You really look great in that picture. You look really fit! I was a total blob by the time I was due.

You will make it through the labor! It is going to go really smoothly!

Well, you look AMAZING. I have much longer to go but when I bought prenatal vitamins the other day, I thought "I won't have to buy these again until after the baby is here." CREEPY.

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