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Sunday, April 08, 2012


Ahh, the CHUB! She is so adorable! I'm glad you took these pictures, but I hate that you felt guilty.

Our kids had Easter baskets and an Easter egg hunt, but no fancy clothes or Easter photos. Whatevs! Ren got candy, and that's all he cares about.

Do you want me to send you more socks? Ree has outgrown her 6-12 months ones.

So, yesterday I saw a bunch of baby girls in big, foofy Easter dresses, and I was so relieved to have a boy and not have to worry about buying ridiculous baby dresses. But that dress that Hannah has on? THAT dress is perfect and makes me want a baby girl just so she can wear a dress like that. She's so beautiful!

I've hardly bought any clothes for Alexander, by the way, and I especially haven't bought many full-price clothes. There's a big consignment sale of second-hand kids clothes and gear every six months, and we get a ton of gently-used, second-hand clothes there for, like, $3/outfit. The sale is this week, and for the last month we've been holding out on buying anything. In addition to clothes, we want an umbrella stroller and some new toys for the baby, but we're determined to get as much as we can from the sale before going to any real stores. Cheap parenting for-evah!


Oh she is SO CUTE!! These photos (and the captions) totally made my day.

I just want to squeeze her!

Oh my word, she is SO cute. And just getting cuter by the day!

I am alllll about the handmedowns.

Handmedowns are great. It means someone else has made the decision already, so one less to make!

We did the easter bunny at the mall even though it's totally Not My Thing. It is, however, my mom's thing and she is the perpetual "it's his first..." voice in my ear which can be irritating now but I'm sure I'll appreciate it later. Plus we had family in from Mexico who were very curious about this whole "Easter Rabbit" thing and well, how can you resist that? Otherwise, no baby suits and bow ties here.

Hannah's CHEEKS...Oh Em Gee...I love her Easter dress. What a cute little girl.

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I LOVE Instagram! It's addictive so weclome to the club! I followed you back, by the way. Yes, Presley's hair is long when it's straightened out. Her hair is perfect wavy if you let it dry by itself but straightens out easily. I have no idea where she got that perfect hair. It certainly wasn't from me. And Keegan . can't keep the kid in pants these days.

Presley's hair has gotten so long and Keegan is lokniog so grown up. Both are so adorable!! I started following you on instagram . I haven't the slightest clue what it is all about but I am going to attempt to figure it out.Lindsey recently posted..

Cassandra Scapillati - Oh my goodness ..these are unildnabey the sweetest pics ever! Baby Phoenix is truly an angel. My absolute fave has to be the zebra print with the purple hair flower .looking like Aunt Jemima. You did such an amazing job Joanna! ( & Assistant Danuta hahaha) What a dynamic duo you two are! Jordin & Adrian will thrilled! Such a great memory to have these. Keep up the great work ladies!

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Hey, Les and I hope to be visiting Mom and Dad on Saturday as well. Hope to see you there and we can play Rummy while Les holds down a chair on snozoe control, lol.

Great sample! That is extalcy what I was looking for to improve the graphics of my 2d game. But the (bad) performance still remains a serious problem for me. In my game, the (scrolling)levels are much bigger as the one in the sample. Furthermore i also would like to add some more lights. I tried this within the sample and the result was like a slideshow I experienced that the most performance loss comes while drawing the shadowvertices (last lines of the DrawShadows method). Maybe merging all convexhulls shadows to one single buffer could help here. Also precalc the shadowvertices on specific events (eg. on new light, on new convexhull, on lightposition change, on convexhullposition change, on scaling light range ) instead of doing this each frame. Therefor an illumination manager class, which holds shadowvertices and manages all convexhulls and lightsources, could be helpfull. Just my thoughts. Any further ideas?

It's not drawing them that's slow, it gearneting themA few ways to improve performance would be: * precompute shadows for static lights and objects * only compute/render shadows from lights that might be visible on the screen (for big scrolling levels) Note that some ofscreen objects/light will need to be included in the algorithm to make it work well * for each light, only cast shadows from objects which are in the light's range * any optimization that you would do in a physics engine, to avoid testing for collision between two objects, you can do in the shadows sample, to avoid computing shadows for some light/object pairsThere are probably a few other ways to increase performance, but the purpose of the article was to describe the technique

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