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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Moving to SLC will be quite a change from Baltimore! You've often spoke of your desire to leave your house in the city for something larger and/or farther out, but I didn't expect THIS. :)

However, I've heard it's a beautiful place. I hope you're extremely happy there. Let me know if you're coming to DC for a visit before you leave!

I can't imagine the craziness you must be going through with this HUGE move. And I'm a touch jealous because of how exciting it all sounds. Exhausting and stressful, but exciting.

I'm so excited for you to be my neighbor!!! Eeeep!


Look at that CHUUUBBY baby! I love how her eyebrows are always like, "Not impressed."

I'm so SAD that you won't be on the east coast any more! Boooooo. But I hope all goes well with settling in and getting a new routine down in a new city. 2013 is your year, lady!

So excited to hear more about your life in SLC!

wow, that's a big life change (says the girl still adjusting to moving from Jersey to California last year). Was the move prompted by a new job, or the desire to live someplace else? will you be working when you get to SLC?

We did the same thing when we moved--my husband went out to CA first, and we followed two weeks later, with me and the kids living at my MIL's house in the interim. I cried every night I was so stressed out. It gets better, but it was a rough couple of weeks.

She is SO cute!

The weather here still hasn't gotten it's act together, but I hope it's just throwing its last tantrum before you get here. (A girl can dream!)

I am in love with your hammy baby. And I cannot BELIEVE how stressful this month must have been (continues to be) for you, and also, how little you are complaining about it. Rockstar.

I am WAY behind, but a) your baby is SO CUTE and b) SLC! What a big move! I hope all is well and you are reunited with Joel. And that you get some sort of all-expenses paid spa weekend to help you recover from 15 days of solo parenting. (!!!)

A) I love your baby. She is seriously adorable. 2) I totally hear you on the hard -blogging-when-life-is-busy thing. And D) congrats on the move. And the single parenting. My husband had late meetings twice last week and I gained a new (or re-newed) appreciation for single parents!

I'm not sure it's legal for a baby to be that cute. I cannot wait for the girls to reach this age! I don't want to wish their babyhood away, but omg, I LOVE ONE-YEAR-OLDS!!! I hadn't realized you were doing the solo parenting thing for two weeks. I'm so glad you made it through! Hope you're having fun in SLC, tell Hannah to light up a cigar in celebration ;)

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