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Thursday, February 28, 2013


Oh, man. Hannah's smile + awesome mountains = worth it, right?

But I do really miss having you on the east coast, if only for my selfish motives of being able to see you whenever our crazy schedules deigned to align.

I love this story. I feel like i could have written a lot of it myself, and I really hope this is the year we move West. We've been here 9 years, and in our house for 5.5, and it's too small for 4 humans. But it's not a bad life we have here. But it's perhaps not our home forever either. I love mountains and big skies. I am so excited you guys were able to finally do this!

Welcome to the land of mountains in the rear-view mirror. And snow. Lots of snow. :)


Yeah, it's worth it :) This place is so amazing and bizarre. Its odd not being on the East Coast though!

Moves are exciting and new and scary, and I recommend them! :) But I bet your mom is sad to have Hannah so far away!

I really enjoyed reading this, Jen! I had an idea of some of that stuff, but didn't know you guys had been actively looking to move to the west coast for so long. I'm sure it's a huge change (having moved from a city to a place where you have to drive a while to reach town), but it sounds like the advantages are pretty amazing. :)

Danielle's picture is amazing. And I can see how that image stuck with you.

Thanks for sharing the back story.

If you're liking Utah now, just wait until spring/summer/fall. I HATE the winter/snow, but I love all the other seasons in Utah. I even love the extreme heat in the summer. There is just something magical about sitting on the porch swing in my parents back yard at the base of the mountains looking at their view of their entire valley. It's like time just slows down there.

Plus the fact that the residents value family more then the majority of the world and (usually) are really nice people helps a ton. AND parking in downtown is SO CHEAP.

Have you done the Temple Square tour with Heidi yet? YOU MUST. I'd been there a gazillion times in my life but it wasn't until Heidi took me that I actually learned some really amazing things about the place.

Maybe we'll see you in July.

Welcome to the Rockies! I've lived at the base of the mountains all my life, and while there were times when I dreamed about moving away, I've reached a point where I can't imagine ever leaving these mountains behind. I love them so much. I hope you guys are super happy out here.

This post makes me emotional is so many ways. We've always said we never wanted to stay in St. Louis forever, and had hoped to move before we had kids, but now D is 9 mos old and we're thinking about a second in the next couple of years and I kind of really like my OBGYN and the hospital I delivered. I know there are good hospitals and doctors elsewhere and that it's silly to use that as a reason for not moving, but that's my brain, man. Also? My job is tolerable; enjoyable even.

But what got me about your post is how LONG it took Joel. I had no idea you guys were trying for so hard for so long. I love that you guys didn't give up. I've given up before. Lots of times. And I fight with myself on an almost daily basis about what I want. Family is a huge factor. Most of our family lives 6-8 hours away. I know your parents are in NJ right? Can you please do a post or email me about how this move has been when dealing with your families? And how often you plan to see them?

I've never been to SLC, but my parents went on vacation there one year, and the city cannot come up on conversation without my mom GUSHING about how beautiful it is. I'd love to visit some day! It seems like moving days are always harried and crazy, and there just never is that proper time to take a leisurely, sun-soaked stroll through the house, tearfully saying goodbye to each room like Hollywood would have us believe.

We left DC for Colorado. Major crazy change. Totally worth it.

I love this post. You really did do something amazing! Wanting to move is one thing, and actually making it happen is another. Kudos to you and Joel for sticking with your dream!

On our end, we have flip-flopped so much over the last few years on where we want to be. For the longest time it was Chicagoland, but right now, central Indiana is our home. I wouldn't call it amazing, but we are finally finding a place in our little community, and I have a great network, and that seems pretty amazing to me, because I always thought I would have to leave Indy to get that. I look forward to the day we can afford a different, nicer house, and Luke talks a lot about moving somewhere completely different someday, but I feel good about where we are right now.

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